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The Need for Speed with Michelin Pilot Experience

Passionate about cars? No
Talk about your car? I Don’t Even Own One
How much you deserve to win this once in a lifetime experience? For That, I’m Gonna Tell You A Story Now…..

Once a upon a time, a 15 years old girl was ‘forced’ to drive an old Volkswagen Beetle by her mother to go to the market to buy some groceries. She cried and cried but duly obliged her mother’s wish. Her mother even taught her that if there is any police stopped and asked for her driving license, ‘tell the police you left your driving license at home’.

Now, many… many years later.. The girl grew up into a woman who has been driving on daily basis since that day (legally of course). Her love of driving coupled with her husband’s love of cars blossomed her long-lived passion. Driving an old Mazda 323 from Kuala Pilah to Seremban via Bukit Putus everyday whenever she goes to work. Driving a Datsun 120Y to visit her siblings while they are studying in local universities. Driving a Mazda Bongo from Bangi to Seremban everyday whenever she goes to work. Driving a Ford Laser to send and pick up her children to and from schools when she decided to become a housewife. Last but not least, driving either Perodua Kancil 850 or Perodua Kelisa 1.0 whenever she need to run her errands around the neighbourhood.

The old Mazda Bongo that had served our family very well..

To-date, she has been driving for about 40 years and driven more than 15 type of cars. Big or small. Manual or automatic. Still her passion of driving never withered. Not even with a doctor’s order. Yup, she drove as usual just few hours checking out from the hospital. It took an injury on her foot to keep her away from her long-lived passion for about…. Three days only…. And I have to listen to ‘I miss driving’ and ‘How much I miss driving’ throughout that three days hiatus.

The Big car

The Small car

The above said woman is my Mother.
Her passion and love of driving mesmerizes me….
Her skills and driving intuition amazes me…..

Why do I deserve to win this amazing experience?

It has been one of my Mother’s dream to drive and drive fast on a race track….
To truly shine as a driver and test her skills even further…
If only I can win this for my Mother…..

Ladies and gentlemen at Nuffnang and Michelin, can you grant this small wish for me? You can see a ‘Makcik’ driving either the Renault Clio, the Citroen C2 Rally, the Formula Michelin or the Formula 2 seater well above the legal speed limit in Malaysia around the race track…. *big grin*

‘I feel the need… The need for speed..’-Top Gun 1986-

All ‘’ watermarked pictures here are taken with Lexa, my Panasonic Lumix LX3

‘Passionate about driving? YES!’ blogger,
DiEsE of


ZALORA’s Blogger Outfit Makeover Contest

I am not much of those people some would call a fashionista or stylista but like any other girls out there, fashion is part of our life.
I don’t have much of fashion sense but when I do, this is what I would put together…. Thanks to ZALORA Malaysia Blogger Outfit Makeover Contest.

Simple Bow with Swarovski Centrepiece Headband for RM85

Simple Bow with Swarovski Centrepiece Headband

With my current long hair, I just love wearing headbands. Particularly this one. It’s simple, in blue colour with a Swarovski centrepiece.

8 Other Reasons ‘Lost At Sea’ silver necklace for RM49.95

8 Other Reasons 'Lost At Sea' necklace with 4 silver beads and a silver leaf pendant

Simple silver necklace with a silver leaf pendant. My kind of accessory material (silver) and my kind of pendant (leaf).

Hedgehog and Angel Wings Handmade Charm Bracelet for RM50

Hedgehog and Angel Wings Handmade Charm Bracelet

This simple charm bracelet is the perfect combination that interconnects the necklace and the earrings (as below).

Pom Pom Stud Silver Earrings for RM89

Pom Pom Stud Earrings

Silver coloured stud earrings. Pairs perfectly with the charm bracelet and the necklace.

Nine West 9 Jacquard Shoulder Bag for RM379

Nine West 9 Jacquard in red colour

I love a subtle contrast in my attire and this shoulder bag is one of it. This shoulder bag in red will be nicely contrasting against the dress I’ve choosen below.

The Woodford & Co Gatsby Mini Dress for RM545.95

Woodford & Co Gatsby Mini Dress in blue colour

I just love the simplicity of this mini dress. White background with blue coloured prints that would break the plain-ness of other pieces in this assamble.


RMK Noir Sandals for RM280.95

RMK Noir Sandals in red colour


When it comes to shoes, simplicity and comfort is the main criteria. You can’t go wrong with sandals with heel strap and open toes. Matching red sandals with the red shoulder bag. Nice eh?

Do I want to win this contest?

Frankly speaking, not really. I believe there are other people out there who is much more passionate about fashion and style than me…
Then again, how can I pass up the chance to so-called play dress-up with a budget of RM1,500 or less? *big grin*


More fashion updates and news via ZALORA Malaysia’s Facebook and Twitter




Almost zero fashion sense blogger,
DiEsE of


My Nuffnang Story

Once upon a time, there is an introvert, slightly shy-ish girl with a Friendster account when one day she decided to try out the blog function. Little that she knew, it was the first step to a wonderful world called ‘Blogosphere’.

After setting up her first domain on September 2007, while surfing the Internet, she stumbled-upon Nuffnang and joined the community in November 2007.

Those were the days that this introvert, slightly shy-ish girl began to experience the new ways to meet new people over the Internet. She began discovering fellow Nuffnangers through Innit, Nuffnang’s very own blog aggregator.

Then she was given a chance to meet those people she have been chatting online in real life for the first time by attending Nuffnang’s first sharing session at Italiannies, One Utama in August 2008. Oh boy… Oh boy, she was so nervous and excited at the same time that she was the first person to arrive at the venue.

Younger Boss Stewie and younger me... LOL

Bit by bit, slowly but surely, this introvert, slightly shy-ish girl is making new friends and getting acquainted with fellow Nuffnangers. Those were the days we even have our own groupies or gang such as the ‘Innit Syok Sendiri‘ gang. LOL!

Happy us!!

You guys know how much Nuffnangers love watching movies right? It is kinda disheartening that most movie screenings took place in Klang Valley area. Somehow the fellow Nuffies heard our cries and they managed to bring Mamma Mia! movie screening to Gurney Plaza, Penang in September 2008 and that was where the introvert, slightly shy-ish girl attended her very first Nuffnang’s movie screening.

Me and Princess Cheryl

By this time around, most of you would know that fellow Nuffnangers are quite the party animal. In November 2008, the introvert, slightly shy-ish girl attended her first party ever (literally) at Borneo Baruk Club, KL. The epic Nuffnang Nokia Silent Halloween yo!

Lords and Ladies from all corner of Baruk Kingdom

On April 2009, no longer a ‘party virgin’, she attended Nuffnang Music Bash party at Maison, KL rocking out as Salomie.

Kueee and me

Again, another first for this introvert, slightly shy-ish girl where she was invited to a Berbuka Puasa session with Nuffnang at The Apartment, Suria KLCC in September 2009.

Firdy, Azalia, me and Kueee

The most tiring month for her was in January 2010 where she attended both Samsung Color Me Corby Carnival at Sunway Lagoon and Digi Internet Pimp My Day Challenge at Mardi Gras, One Utama.

Samsung Color Me Corby Carnival!

Digi Internet Pimp My Day Challenge with Digi

This introvert, slightly shy-ish girl was given one of the most memorable birthday gift in May 2010 where Nuffnang invited her to a coffee session with fellow Nuffies and Nuffnangers. Finally, she managed to see with her very own eyes how Nuffnang office looks like. Sooo ‘orenji’! :-)

Fellow Nuffies and Nuffnangers during a coffee session

While other Nuffnangers had their share of winning cash, gadgets and other stuffs from Nuffnang, this introvert, slightly shy-ish girl thought that (and still is) winning the invites to Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2009 in Singapore was the best prize she could ever won since she set foot in the ‘Blogosphere’ world.

Singapore's Toy Museum

Visiting new places

With tablemates, Dyra and Jade

Getting to know people

Everyone say 'Nuffnang Blog Awards'!

Being part of a community

Come 16 December 2011, 500 bloggers from around the Asia-Pacific region will flock to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011 in Putrajaya Marriott. The Awards aims to not only honour the region’s best bloggers, but also to bring together blogger communities from across Asia-Pacific. The Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards is brought to you by Volkswagen Malaysia and Putrajaya Marriott.

It is not about the money or the exposure that came with being a Nuffnanger.
Meeting all the wonderful people is one of the best things that Nuffnang could give to this introvert, slightly shy-ish girl.

All ‘’ watermarked pictures here are taken with Lexa, my Panasonic Lumix LX3 or my previous Canon IXUS 75

A proud Nuffnanger,
DiEsE of

Author’s Note:-
*horrified looking at the pictures of her-past-year-self*


Volkswagen Das Auto KL Show 2011 Day 1

Yes, I’m pretty much hyped up about this event so this would be pretty much a quick update and summary of it.

Since our family got hooked on the Volkswagen Polo TSI performance, we decided to check-out Volkswagen Das Auto KL Show 2011 at Bukit Jalil today (Saturday, 10th September 2011).

Welcome To Volkswagen Das Auto Show KL 2011

I was the last one to arrive at the main entrance and was greeting by a long, snaking queue (no pic, busy catching my breath running from LRT to the Dome).

Felt like going into a nightclub with the stamp..

After the long, snaking queue outside the main entrance, another queuing session in front of the main counter where each visitor have to fill up a form and get your admission stamp. Then another queue at the guest registration counter to take a number and submit the form.

Matching blue jacket and blue-coloured toenails..

Oh look! CopyKate is working here! (P/S: That blue jacket is niceee..)

Wanna test drive a Golf GTI, game version?

We were ushered to the waiting hall by the beautiful ladies in the beautiful blue jacket. While waiting for your group to be called up for the show at the main Dome (about 300pax/show), you can shop for Volkswagen souvenirs (personally I think it is ridiculously *cough* expensive *cough*), sit around and have a drink from the water dispenser or even play a driving game (which I didn’t managed to try despite standing there for more than 15minutes because some people think their under-age kids can drive better than *cough* me *cough*… Hhmmmppphhhh).

Think Blue, Feel Blue..

Once our group turn is up, ‘queued up’ again to go inside the main Dome. The another long, snaking queue in front of the main Dome rotating door.

And Das Auto Show begins!

The sight inside the main Dome is almost majestic-like. The seats, the lights, the ventilation and of course, the screen. Waited until the room is fully filled and the show begins!

Round and round they go...

After the short video presentation, the cars were driven on the stage with a beautiful scenery at the screen. As if taking a drive in the countryside. Then each car were introduced one by one when it stops at the center stage. It feels like watching a fashion runway show.. but for cars.

And Das Auto Show ends!

As the starts with the new Beetle, it ends with the new Beetle..
The impressive car presentation lasted for eerrrmm.. I think around 30 minutes perhaps? Dunno, didn’t check the time either..

Topless Eos..

After the show, the guests have to go through 2 sets of rotating doors… which means more waiting and queuing before we can enter the static car showroom.

Now here lies the biggest disappointment (for me at least).
Out of the 9 models shown here (Polo, Polo GTI, Golf, Golf GTI, Scirocco, Eos, Touareg, Passat CC, Tiguan), most of them either in white or dull colours. White background + White car = ‘Dude, where’s the car’? I mean, seriously? The Volkswagen Eos is the ONLY car in the showroom that is RED in colour.

It seems that the area looks nicer at night time due to the quite extensive lighting. Perhaps you guys might prefer visiting the show at night time?

Do you 'Das Auto'? We Do!

So if you guys don’t mind to wait and queue and wait and queue and wait and queue, go check out Volkswagen Das Auto KL Show 2011 at Bukit Jalil as tomorrow (Sunday, 11th September 2011) is the last day.

All pictures here are taken with my HTC Desire and Lexa, my Panasonic Lumix LX3

‘I am Polo enough’ blogger,
DiEsE of


Magical Musicals Gala Premier at Sunway Lagoon

I am seriously lagging behind in updating my blog… But it doesn’t mean I’ve lost my passion in blogging. Perhaps I’ve put more priority in my student life (and Twitter too… *grin*).

Remember the I managed to attend Magical Musicals – Behind the Scene at Sunway Lagoon early last June? I’ve attended the Magical Musicals Gala Premier‏ on 10th June 2011.

My lucky seats!

Who ever followed my Twitter timeline, you would see the snaking, long queue at the main entrance.

The glorious stage setting!

The excited guests were welcomed by JD and Dilly from at the red carpet. Yup, you heard it right. Red carpet I tell ya.. Both of them managed to keep the guests amuse and entertained with their antics at the red carpet.

Left: David Kort the choreographer and Right: Chris Colby the director.

Not too long after that, the event began with a short speech from Mr. Aaron Soo, CEO of Sunway Lagoon, Mr. Chris Colby the director and Mr. David Kort the choreographer.

All the cast singing and dancing to 'Don't Stop Me Now' (Queen).

The experience is much more better than seeing them performed during the rehearsals. The stage and the costumes were amazing.

Stevie Tate Bauer and Stephen Weller singing a duet... on a balcony!

There are even a few scenes where the casts performed on a raised platform… and even a balcony!

The amazing stage setting during Stevie Tate Bauer's rendition of 'Defying Gravity' (Wicked).

And the lighting….. see it for yourselves… *gasp*

The fiery performance of 'Jai Ho'.

The production team surprised us with an awesome phyrotechnics such as fireworks… It is literary hot in here!

A special performance by the Bhangra drummers.

A special guest performance by the Bhangra drummers ended ‘Jai Ho’.

Act 2: The female lead cast performing 'Dreamgirls'.

Another round of spectacular light work… *gasping again*…

The finale and all the cast and dancers performing the last song for the night.

At the end of the show, the audience gave a round of hearty standing ovation, shouting ‘encore!’ ‘encore!’ and the casts performed one last song (which I don’t remember).

It was indeed a magical night and I was truly mesmerized by it.
There are a lot of improvements that have been done since the last musical show at Sunway Lagoon. Kudos to the management on taking in consideration of the previous show’s feedback.

Now I’m gonna leave you guys with some amateur-ish videos of the show that night. Enjoy!

Thanks a million to allMalaysian Bloggers Project (AMBP) and Sunway Lagoon!

Author’s Note: *ppsssstttttt* I heard there will be a horror show soon…. XD

All pictures here are taken with Lexa, my Panasonic Lumix LX3

Magically-awed, Musically-inclined blogger
DiEsE of


Nigel Barker Photography Workshop – Langkawi Masterclass

…….’Here’s our judges, the first Mr. Nigel Barker noted fashion photographer’………

For those who are familiar with America’s Next Top Model, this is the infamous introductory line said by Tyra whenever she introduces Nigel Barker and I love his work in America’s Next Top Model Cycle 11 Ep 05 ‘Fierce Eyes’ photoshoot.

Now here is a great news for photographers in Malaysia. This July, Mr. Nigel Barker himself will conduct one of his Nigel Barker Photography Workshops where he will share his more than 10 years experience and knowledge as a photographer in the two-days Masterclass workshop at Langkawi. Below is the package details for the Langkawi Masterclass workshop:-

Total Package Price: RM4,995
- 3 nights accommodation at Tanjung Rhu Resort
- Langkawi airport transfers
- Full meals (excluding alcohol beverages)
- Closing BBQ dinner cum exhibition with Nigel Barker
- Autographed copy of Nigel Barker’s ‘Beauty Equation’
- Certificate of Participation signed by Nigel Barker
- Exclusive Tee shirt and cap with Nigel Barker’s embroidered insignia

Nigel Barker Photography Workshops

Based on the workshop itinerary, Masterclass participants will even get ‘Out & About’ sessions where they’ll get the chance to shoot outdoor and capture the beauty of Langkawi. Who knows… Nigel Barker just might share a few pointers during these sessions too. There even a mini exhibition for participants to show off their best photos taken during one of the ‘Out & About’ session where they can stand a chance to win a prize worth RM8,500.

So photographers, put on halt all your plans to upgrade or adding more equipment to your gear and invest in gaining more knowledge from one of the most recognize photographer in the world by joining him in the Langkawi Masterclass workshop. Personally, if I have that extra cash, I Would Love To Go despite the fact that I only have my Lexa (Panasonic LX3) with me and I don’t care if others bringing their ‘big guns’ to the Masterclass and I don’t. I Would Go There Just For The Experience & Knowledge.

Hurry, check out Nigel Barker Photography Workshops for registration and more details.

Un-noted blogger,
DiEsE of


Magical Musicals: Behind the Scene at Sunway Lagoon

Thanks to allMalaysian Bloggers Project (AMBP) and Sunway Lagoon, I was given an opportunity to join the other AMBP’s bloggers to a special preview of Magical Musicals – Behind the Scene at Sunway Lagoon last Saturday (4th June 2011).

Despite the massive traffic jam inside the carpark of Sunway Pyramid, Sunway Lagoon and Sunway Hotel, I managed to find a parking spot after scratching my side mirror to a pillar (boohoo) and reached the Sunway Lagoon main entrance just a few minutes shy from the registration time.

The group then were led to the Amphitheatre, where all the magic begins. At the artiste’s studio (just below the stage) we were greeted by David Kort, the choreographer and Chris Colby the director. Both of them won the “BrandLaureate Personality Award’ as choreographer and director in Performing Arts and Theatre respectively for their work in Peter Pan The Musical last year.

The female leads from left: Amanda as Stephanie, LJ as Amber and Stevie as Megan

Let’s meet the three talented main female cast for the musical. Amanda Salmon (as Stephanie) is from UK and recently performed at London’s O2 Arena in the spectacular 25th Anniversary show of Les Miserables alongside Lea Salonga and Nick Jonas for 14,000 audience, LJ Neilson (as Amber) also from UK and I love her performance since I saw her played Wendy in Peter Pan The Musical last year and Stevie Tate Bauer (as Megan) hailed from UK had played the female role of Galadriel in The Lord of the Rings musical at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane.

The male leads from left: Gareth as Josh, Neil as Ryan and Stephen as Danny

Now here comes the three amazing main male cast for the musical. Gareth Heesom (as Josh) is originally from The Isle of Man, had just finished touring the UK in the hit musical Annie, Neil Couperthwaite (as Ryan) hailed from UK, appeared as Riff Raff in the 30th Anniversary tour of The Rocky Horror Show and also can be heard on the original cast recording of Hot Mikado and last but not least Stephen Weller (as Danny) is from UK too had played Raoul in Ken Hill’s production of Phantom of the Opera at Theatre Royal Lincoln and more recently part of the cast of The Producers, Theatre Royal Drury Lane & UK Tour paying Roger DeBeris and covering Leo Bloom.

As you can see, these are just snippets of the main casts past work and experiences (the list is too long to write here, phew!). Combined with the credentials of the award-winning director and choreographer, you will get….

All the lead cast and dancers

An awesome musical that spans in 2 acts with over 35 songs from widely loved musical such as Mamma Mia! Dreamgirls, Fame, Saturday Night Fever, Moulin Rouge!, Grease, Footloose, We Will Rock You, West Side Story, Hairspray and even the phenomenal Glee, performed by a cast of over 30 dancers and singers!

During the rehearsal, I found myself humming and my feet tapping along to ‘Heroes’ and ‘Footloose’. The cast and dancers even performed the infamous ‘Jai-ho’ song.

Welcome to New York's Times Square!

After the short preview of the Act I rehearsal, we were given a grand tour of the impressive stage that is set against Times Square in New York.

Here is Broadway!

The stage is complete with spectacular pyrotechnics, props, backdrops, lifts and even the infamous Apollo Theatre on Broadway.

Giant LED screens on each side of the stage

We were being told that the stage design and construction team (all-Malaysian team) started working on Magical Musicals just after a short break from Peter Pan The Musical last year. Phewww…

Meet the big-ass fan!

I was impressed by the dedication level of Sunway Lagoon team as they took the feedbacks they’ve received from last year’s Peter Pan The Musical and further improve the Amphitheatre. They’ve installed a few Big-Ass Fans (it’s true! you can Google the name) which makes the air circulation better (and less heat), adding more sound speakers and they even numbered the seats now!

The bling-ful costumes

Once we’ve done gaping at the spectacular stage, we were given the chance to mingle with the cast and dancers in the studio. On contrary belief, some of the bloggers are shy (such as me). So one of my question is, ‘What is your favourite costume in this show?’ and suddenly all the girls eyes were lit up and hurriedly picked up their favourite pieces. Yes, us girls and dresses… Go figure…

More bling-ful costumes and props

Most of the costumes and dresses were custom-made, from oversea or locally for the show but a few of them were bought from Sg. Wang Plaza… Sg. Wang Plaza Couture yo!

Come and join us in a magical musical journey!

Magical Musicals is made possible with the support of Tourism Selangor, AirAsia, AirAsiaX, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa, Magnum, Ganad Media, 8TV, NTV7, LiteFM, TheSun, DYou Magazine, Voila, Avante, Campus Plus,, Nestle and F&N.

The ticket prices are RM100, RM200, RM250 and RM300 and you can buy it from the official ticketing agent AirAsiaRedTix or call 603 8775 4666.

So if you love musical shows but just can’t afford the almost-RM200-cheapest-ticket, this is just the thing to quench your artsy thirst.

Fellow AMBP’s blogger take on the preview:-

Me, The Contradiction
Home is where the heart is…
~Devi da Lil’ DeviL~
My Sweet Escape
CikLilyPutih Story’s

Will blog about the Gala Night this Friday next week, till then stay tuned!

Author’s Note: I’m supposed to upload a short video that I took during the rehearsal but Malaysia’s Internet service had failed me. Gonna fry someone’s ass till I can get it uploaded *glaring at the tech support* —> Video uploaded, finally!

All pictures here are taken with Lexa, my Panasonic Lumix LX3

Magically awed-Musically inclined blogger,
DiEsE of


I Serve Nuffnang!

I (heart) ChurpChurp

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