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The Need for Speed with Michelin Pilot Experience

Passionate about cars? No
Talk about your car? I Don’t Even Own One
How much you deserve to win this once in a lifetime experience? For That, I’m Gonna Tell You A Story Now…..

Once a upon a time, a 15 years old girl was ‘forced’ to drive an old Volkswagen Beetle by her mother to go to the market to buy some groceries. She cried and cried but duly obliged her mother’s wish. Her mother even taught her that if there is any police stopped and asked for her driving license, ‘tell the police you left your driving license at home’.

Now, many… many years later.. The girl grew up into a woman who has been driving on daily basis since that day (legally of course). Her love of driving coupled with her husband’s love of cars blossomed her long-lived passion. Driving an old Mazda 323 from Kuala Pilah to Seremban via Bukit Putus everyday whenever she goes to work. Driving a Datsun 120Y to visit her siblings while they are studying in local universities. Driving a Mazda Bongo from Bangi to Seremban everyday whenever she goes to work. Driving a Ford Laser to send and pick up her children to and from schools when she decided to become a housewife. Last but not least, driving either Perodua Kancil 850 or Perodua Kelisa 1.0 whenever she need to run her errands around the neighbourhood.

The old Mazda Bongo that had served our family very well..

To-date, she has been driving for about 40 years and driven more than 15 type of cars. Big or small. Manual or automatic. Still her passion of driving never withered. Not even with a doctor’s order. Yup, she drove as usual just few hours checking out from the hospital. It took an injury on her foot to keep her away from her long-lived passion for about…. Three days only…. And I have to listen to ‘I miss driving’ and ‘How much I miss driving’ throughout that three days hiatus.

The Big car

The Small car

The above said woman is my Mother.
Her passion and love of driving mesmerizes me….
Her skills and driving intuition amazes me…..

Why do I deserve to win this amazing experience?

It has been one of my Mother’s dream to drive and drive fast on a race track….
To truly shine as a driver and test her skills even further…
If only I can win this for my Mother…..

Ladies and gentlemen at Nuffnang and Michelin, can you grant this small wish for me? You can see a ‘Makcik’ driving either the Renault Clio, the Citroen C2 Rally, the Formula Michelin or the Formula 2 seater well above the legal speed limit in Malaysia around the race track…. *big grin*

‘I feel the need… The need for speed..’-Top Gun 1986-

All ‘’ watermarked pictures here are taken with Lexa, my Panasonic Lumix LX3

‘Passionate about driving? YES!’ blogger,
DiEsE of


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