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ZALORA’s Blogger Outfit Makeover Contest

I am not much of those people some would call a fashionista or stylista but like any other girls out there, fashion is part of our life.
I don’t have much of fashion sense but when I do, this is what I would put together…. Thanks to ZALORA Malaysia Blogger Outfit Makeover Contest.

Simple Bow with Swarovski Centrepiece Headband for RM85

Simple Bow with Swarovski Centrepiece Headband

With my current long hair, I just love wearing headbands. Particularly this one. It’s simple, in blue colour with a Swarovski centrepiece.

8 Other Reasons ‘Lost At Sea’ silver necklace for RM49.95

8 Other Reasons 'Lost At Sea' necklace with 4 silver beads and a silver leaf pendant

Simple silver necklace with a silver leaf pendant. My kind of accessory material (silver) and my kind of pendant (leaf).

Hedgehog and Angel Wings Handmade Charm Bracelet for RM50

Hedgehog and Angel Wings Handmade Charm Bracelet

This simple charm bracelet is the perfect combination that interconnects the necklace and the earrings (as below).

Pom Pom Stud Silver Earrings for RM89

Pom Pom Stud Earrings

Silver coloured stud earrings. Pairs perfectly with the charm bracelet and the necklace.

Nine West 9 Jacquard Shoulder Bag for RM379

Nine West 9 Jacquard in red colour

I love a subtle contrast in my attire and this shoulder bag is one of it. This shoulder bag in red will be nicely contrasting against the dress I’ve choosen below.

The Woodford & Co Gatsby Mini Dress for RM545.95

Woodford & Co Gatsby Mini Dress in blue colour

I just love the simplicity of this mini dress. White background with blue coloured prints that would break the plain-ness of other pieces in this assamble.


RMK Noir Sandals for RM280.95

RMK Noir Sandals in red colour


When it comes to shoes, simplicity and comfort is the main criteria. You can’t go wrong with sandals with heel strap and open toes. Matching red sandals with the red shoulder bag. Nice eh?

Do I want to win this contest?

Frankly speaking, not really. I believe there are other people out there who is much more passionate about fashion and style than me…
Then again, how can I pass up the chance to so-called play dress-up with a budget of RM1,500 or less? *big grin*


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Almost zero fashion sense blogger,
DiEsE of


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    So many gurly stuffs :)

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