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Volkswagen Das Auto KL Show 2011 Day 1

Yes, I’m pretty much hyped up about this event so this would be pretty much a quick update and summary of it.

Since our family got hooked on the Volkswagen Polo TSI performance, we decided to check-out Volkswagen Das Auto KL Show 2011 at Bukit Jalil today (Saturday, 10th September 2011).

Welcome To Volkswagen Das Auto Show KL 2011

I was the last one to arrive at the main entrance and was greeting by a long, snaking queue (no pic, busy catching my breath running from LRT to the Dome).

Felt like going into a nightclub with the stamp..

After the long, snaking queue outside the main entrance, another queuing session in front of the main counter where each visitor have to fill up a form and get your admission stamp. Then another queue at the guest registration counter to take a number and submit the form.

Matching blue jacket and blue-coloured toenails..

Oh look! CopyKate is working here! (P/S: That blue jacket is niceee..)

Wanna test drive a Golf GTI, game version?

We were ushered to the waiting hall by the beautiful ladies in the beautiful blue jacket. While waiting for your group to be called up for the show at the main Dome (about 300pax/show), you can shop for Volkswagen souvenirs (personally I think it is ridiculously *cough* expensive *cough*), sit around and have a drink from the water dispenser or even play a driving game (which I didn’t managed to try despite standing there for more than 15minutes because some people think their under-age kids can drive better than *cough* me *cough*… Hhmmmppphhhh).

Think Blue, Feel Blue..

Once our group turn is up, ‘queued up’ again to go inside the main Dome. The another long, snaking queue in front of the main Dome rotating door.

And Das Auto Show begins!

The sight inside the main Dome is almost majestic-like. The seats, the lights, the ventilation and of course, the screen. Waited until the room is fully filled and the show begins!

Round and round they go...

After the short video presentation, the cars were driven on the stage with a beautiful scenery at the screen. As if taking a drive in the countryside. Then each car were introduced one by one when it stops at the center stage. It feels like watching a fashion runway show.. but for cars.

And Das Auto Show ends!

As the starts with the new Beetle, it ends with the new Beetle..
The impressive car presentation lasted for eerrrmm.. I think around 30 minutes perhaps? Dunno, didn’t check the time either..

Topless Eos..

After the show, the guests have to go through 2 sets of rotating doors… which means more waiting and queuing before we can enter the static car showroom.

Now here lies the biggest disappointment (for me at least).
Out of the 9 models shown here (Polo, Polo GTI, Golf, Golf GTI, Scirocco, Eos, Touareg, Passat CC, Tiguan), most of them either in white or dull colours. White background + White car = ‘Dude, where’s the car’? I mean, seriously? The Volkswagen Eos is the ONLY car in the showroom that is RED in colour.

It seems that the area looks nicer at night time due to the quite extensive lighting. Perhaps you guys might prefer visiting the show at night time?

Do you 'Das Auto'? We Do!

So if you guys don’t mind to wait and queue and wait and queue and wait and queue, go check out Volkswagen Das Auto KL Show 2011 at Bukit Jalil as tomorrow (Sunday, 11th September 2011) is the last day.

All pictures here are taken with my HTC Desire and Lexa, my Panasonic Lumix LX3

‘I am Polo enough’ blogger,
DiEsE of


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    Oh yeah I was there, really great show! In case you are interested to know more details… the company that supplied the domes and projection was

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