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Nigel Barker Photography Workshop – Langkawi Masterclass

…….’Here’s our judges, the first Mr. Nigel Barker noted fashion photographer’………

For those who are familiar with America’s Next Top Model, this is the infamous introductory line said by Tyra whenever she introduces Nigel Barker and I love his work in America’s Next Top Model Cycle 11 Ep 05 ‘Fierce Eyes’ photoshoot.

Now here is a great news for photographers in Malaysia. This July, Mr. Nigel Barker himself will conduct one of his Nigel Barker Photography Workshops where he will share his more than 10 years experience and knowledge as a photographer in the two-days Masterclass workshop at Langkawi. Below is the package details for the Langkawi Masterclass workshop:-

Total Package Price: RM4,995
- 3 nights accommodation at Tanjung Rhu Resort
- Langkawi airport transfers
- Full meals (excluding alcohol beverages)
- Closing BBQ dinner cum exhibition with Nigel Barker
- Autographed copy of Nigel Barker’s ‘Beauty Equation’
- Certificate of Participation signed by Nigel Barker
- Exclusive Tee shirt and cap with Nigel Barker’s embroidered insignia

Nigel Barker Photography Workshops

Based on the workshop itinerary, Masterclass participants will even get ‘Out & About’ sessions where they’ll get the chance to shoot outdoor and capture the beauty of Langkawi. Who knows… Nigel Barker just might share a few pointers during these sessions too. There even a mini exhibition for participants to show off their best photos taken during one of the ‘Out & About’ session where they can stand a chance to win a prize worth RM8,500.

So photographers, put on halt all your plans to upgrade or adding more equipment to your gear and invest in gaining more knowledge from one of the most recognize photographer in the world by joining him in the Langkawi Masterclass workshop. Personally, if I have that extra cash, I Would Love To Go despite the fact that I only have my Lexa (Panasonic LX3) with me and I don’t care if others bringing their ‘big guns’ to the Masterclass and I don’t. I Would Go There Just For The Experience & Knowledge.

Hurry, check out Nigel Barker Photography Workshops for registration and more details.

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4 Responses to “Nigel Barker Photography Workshop – Langkawi Masterclass”

  1. 1

    Nigel Barker Photography Workshop – Langkawi Masterclass | BaYnN*DiEsE…

    Great news for photographers in Malaysia. Mr. Nigel Barker will conduct his workshop where he will share his experience and knowledge as a photographer….

  2. 2

    Really?..what a great opportunity..always watch him at ANTM.. :)

  3. 3
    Bella Enveeus:

    When I first read that Nigel Barker is coming to M’sia, I was like, “awesome!” but when I saw the price, my jaw dropped to the floor. So, Shemah and I decided the only way we can meet Nigel is probably by going to his meet & greet at Kinokuniya KLCC when he’s in KL.. Haha!

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