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Pos Ekspres: ‘Dijamin Sampai Esok’… NOT!!

On one of my trips back to KL, I accidently ‘kidnapped’ my mother’s IKEA Friends card and brought it back with me to Penang.. >__< As my mom wanted to use the card so I have no choice but to send the card back to her.
So, I decided to use our very own postal service aka Pos Ekspres. With the tagline ‘Dijamin Sampai Esok’ (Guaranteed To Arrive The Next Day) I’m sure my mom will get back her card in time for her trip to IKEA.


I was dead wrong.

After 1 week sending out the express pack, my mom told me she haven’t received the package.

I’ve called Pos Malaysia and lodged a complaint (IMS 213109). The very next day I received a call from their staff in Butterworth Post Office saying that the package was not in their system. Meaning that the package never existed. WTH!?! I screw (politely and professionally) that guy over the phone saying that I personally drop the package into the box INSIDE Butterworth Post Office. At one point I did challenge him to go through their so-called CCTV system (hhmm.. do they have one in the 1st place!??! lol).

I gave them a lengthy lecture on how much it’s gonna cost me to replace the card. Since they can’t pay me for the lost package (they can only give a replacement pack… blergh.. like I need it anymore), I insisted they send me an official letter of confirmation stating that the card was lost during transit so that I don’t need to pay the bloody RM50 for card replacement (I just renewed the card with the same amount of money.. =__=) They agreed to send me the confirmation letter (after one heck of lengthy you-screwed-up-big-time speech).

And you know what!?!? The package ‘miraculously’ arrived at my parent’s place after 18 FREAKING DAYS I send it out, intact and in good condition. ‘Dijamin Sampai Esok’ (Guaranteed To Arrive The Next Day)? Blerghhhh!!! I’ll never use Pos Ekspres anymore. From now on, only Pos Laju for me.. =____=


22 Responses to “Pos Ekspres: ‘Dijamin Sampai Esok’… NOT!!”

  1. 1

    my fren pakai fedex hanta dvd ke france pun 3 hari je…

  2. 2
    Alvin Lim:

    At least yours sampai la. Mine din even reach. Their excuse? They said I wasn’t at home for the “delivery”. I was forced to go to KL Central to get the thing. =_= and they dug the place for > 1 hour…came out n said “tak ada ler”. =_=

    I told them to go n find again, then only i got it after 20 minutes. :|

  3. 3

    xumb: =___= fedex can laa… pay so much, better service.. XD
    alvin lim: total of 1hr and 20mins?!!? oh my God… they are really helpless…

  4. 4

    yaloh yaloh !! dijamin sampai esok is really cheat one !! so i never use them as well !! i prefer normal post !!

  5. 5

    U know something diese ! lidat u better take the bus and personally deliver to your mom at lest more safe and lagi cepat! XD

  6. 6

    arhhh!! was super packed over the weekend… finally got some space to breathe… LOL =D and im back!! hahaha…. waiting for KL updates eh?? LOL

  7. 7
    Firdauz takes 5:

    kena conned ah?

  8. 8

    haha tak boleh harap one la..

  9. 9

    hahaha..diese… Steal photos no need ask permission wan.. Coz it’s “STEAL” lol..

  10. 10

    they r so damn fcukingly doing lazy job…once my fren send her report…it works but later…another fren of mine send hers…didnt get the next day…wtf with “dijamin sampai esok”…go to hell to those who doing undeniably take for granted work…ugh

  11. 11

    sabahking: really laa… waste money only..
    spectre: >__< u r rite.. if i know this thing gonna happened, might as well hand delivered the card
    andrew: yeay!! finally your turn to post on the MDG blog
    firdaus: =___= sorta conned by pos malaysia laaa..
    wenzi: i totally agree with u!!
    andrew: >___<
    kim: sometimes they just don’t think other people consenquences if any packages got lost..

  12. 12

    Actualy the word must change “X BERANI JAMIN SAMPAI ESOK”

  13. 13
    linear_system: new here..i just use pos ekspres im scared my mail will be late to reach since it is urgent.diese,u can check your pos ekspres online at your mail took 18days to be delivered,u can trace where your mail went..maybe all over malaysia :D have a nice day!

  14. 14

    Hi, I’ve just read this – googled about Pos Ekspres and ur entry turn up first page. Anyway, I did call Pos Ekspres to ask about delivering goods using the service since many blogshops do so and I wanna know whether they can guarantee that goods sent won’t be lost n arrive in time – the PE staff said that they do not guarantee goods’ safety as PE is only meant for important documents. Well, I can accept that documen tonly thing – not gonna use it for my e-biz, BUT, they should do better with ur mom’s IKEA card which shud b considered a doc aight?!! :)

  15. 15

    damn. I sent something to my friend and it didnt show up until now. reported to them. dpt sampul free. but those inside the parcel la yang penting kan. sampai skang k. hilang begitu sahaja. cek kat website dia siap tulis no record found. banyak la chanthek no record. geram. skang pakai fedex je. biar mahal sket tapi berbaloi.

  16. 16

    I send 2 VALUABLE stuff inside the envelope you know. Then guess what, it did arrive, after 3-4 days. Wait you haven’t heard the worst part. THEY TOOK ONE of the items!

    HOW CAN I NOT GET SO PISSED OFF! Seems like its common to steal people stuff just like that!
    “Ohh take 1 item only la then they won’t notice” BODOH KA???


  17. 17

    that’s the main reason i lost faith in pos ekspres.
    right now i’m using pos laju, slightly expensive but at least they can cover the package value up to RM100.
    pos ekspres doesn’t have a proper system whereby the receiving of each package is not recorded… just a drop in the box only…

  18. 18

    Baik guna private courier service cam ABX.. Nationwide… Citylink… much much better

  19. 19

    ABX, Nationwide & Citylink pun OK jugak tapi cuba avoid OCS… I dah ada bad experience dgn OCS… Tak boleh track & trace small package dari KL ke Penang.. Hhmmmmpphh

  20. 20

    Same goes with the system said..FINAL DELIVERY..i call the cust.service and they item already delivered…im very fucking pissed off..they launch a report 4 me..but i still not satisfied with the service!!!!!!!

  21. 21

    I do pray and hope their services getting better….

  22. 22

    i`m using pos express `dijamin sampai esok`
    went to post office on 25 july
    to sent something that are important …
    without informed me or contact me
    suddenly ,today i received back my belonging…as a defend only documents allowed using the system
    there is two issues here
    misrep by the men who is incharge recommand me this service .

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