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Blood Donation @ QueensBay Mall, Penang

I have this post gathering dusts in the draft folder for quite some time. It’s time to take it out from the folder and vacuum all the dusts….. Aaaacchhhooo!
On November 11th, the Penang Hui Yin Seh Metta Blood Donation Group held a blood donation campaign @ QueensBay Mall, Penang from 10am until 6pm. As a member, I received their notification via SMS (cool eh??).
After a quick breakfast, we headed out to Penang Island. To ensure we get a good parking spot, we arrived @ QueensBay Mall before noon.

~WHAATT!?!??! 58kg!?!?!? Are you nuts?!?!~

After the registration, weighing your weight, filling up forms and questionnaires, we need to hop from one station to another to check our blood pressure, hemoglobin count and pick up our blood bag.

~Unfortunately, there is no lovely/cute doctor(s) around.. BaYnN is a little dissappointed.~

~Cool!! They even provided entertainment for us… ;p ~

It seemed that this campaign was a very big event as they even put up a stage and some performances.

~fellow donators~

~Don’t try this if you are afraid of needles and blood..~

I was lucky the nurses didn’t ban me from taking pictures.. Anyway, I did thought of taking a picture while the nurse poke me with the needle but I don’t want to interfere.. Who knows!? Hearing the click of my camera, she might poke the wrong vein.. Yikes!

~DiEsE’s bloated blood bag… I’m a proud owner of O+ ! :p ~

After about 15mins, I’m all done. I guess I pumped a little bit too much as my blood bag was more bloated from everybody else’s..

~BaYnN & DiEsE: Proud blood donators!~

~Our lunch was sponsored by Breeks Cafe… Not bad, free lunch..~

As usual, they will provide some refresments for donators such as hot chocolate (aka Milo), some biscuits and breads. The sponsored lunch by Breek Cafe was a nice suprise as we never had one before.

~They even throw in a certificate for us~

After all that, they gave us a key chain as a souvenir and a certificate, properly printed.. For new members, they even throw in a T-shirt. Since I don’t earn much money to do charities, blood donation is the only form of charity that I could afford right now.
OK, here are some requirements if you want to donate blood for the first time.
1- You must be 18 years old or no more than 60 years old. Believe me, I did tried to donate blood just a few days before my 18th birthday and they just rejected my application.. They said my parents/guardian need to give consent before I could donate..
2- Your minimum weight is 45kg. It doesn’t matter if you are very thin, like BaYnN. As long as you pass the 45kg mark, you are eligible.
3- You must appear in good health.
4- You must have a minimum of 5 hours sleep before donation. So, if you’ve been partying all night and wish to donate blood the next day, just forget it.
These are the preliminary requirements ONLY. There are a series of tests, forms and questionnaires that you need to pass.
There are some tips before and after donating blood that I wish to share.
-Preferably, wear comfortable, loose outfit. It’s better if you could wear a loose, short sleeve shirt as you will need to roll up your sleeves for the tests and donating blood.
-Had a light breakfast before donating.
-If you just completed heavy task/duties/activities, you need to rest for a while to lower down your blood pressure. If your BP is too high, your application will be rejected.
-If you are right-handed like me, sacrifice your left hand or vice versa. What I mean is, ask the doctor or nurse to stick the needle in your secondary hand.
-Take your time and enjoy the refreshment that they provided.
-Don’t go jogging or swimming after that! Take the rest of the off from any heavy activities.

And Most Important Of All: Listen to the doctor(s) or nurse(s). Don’t try to be such a smart-ass and try to defy their instructions. During the 8 years of donating blood, I find that most doctors and nurses in-charge of blood donations are helpful and friendly.

Happy Blood Donating! ;p


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    Please send me a email when there is any blood donation campaign. I am interested in blood donation – a way to save life.

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    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

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